Just a couple of years ago, fashion and comfort were like the opposites of two poles with men tip-toeing on it, desparately trying to maintain balance between both. But after years of unfashionable comfort and fashionable discomfort, the gender was blessed with a trend that is here to stay. Athleisure – the middle ground between fashion and comfort. It’s quite a rage in the fashion world right now, but if you don’t already know about it, here’s a gist.

The term athleisure comes from athletics and leisure. It is basically a trend where clothes designed to be worn at the gym are worn even outside of it. That does not mean you wear your regular sweatpants to work. The comfy sportswear is modified to make it look stylish while it retains the comfort it’s supposed to provide. It also takes a little mix and match to make the look work. The trend has been around for quite some time now but very few have mastered the art of getting it right. So, here are a few basics that you should stock up to make the most of this wonderful boon of a trend.


Now these aren’t the average sweatshirts we’re talking about. The key words to remember while picking one are light-weight, breathable and slim-cut. You’d want to pair it with either a hoodie or a jacket to complete the look, so choose one with a thinner fabric instead of an actual sweatshirt that will literally make you sweat. If you choose not to pair it with a jacket, make sure that the sweatshirt you pick is not too plain.


A hoodie is an absolute necessity for every wardrobe. In the athleisure area of clothing, hoodie options are plenty. There are ones with and without zippers that you can choose to wear according to what you’re planning to pair it with. Hoodies make for a more casual athleisure get-up.

Track Jackets

If you’re over your love for hoodies and wouldn’t mind switching to another option, a track jacket is a very good one. Explore new cuts, colours and styles because there are more than plenty available out there. Track jackets make for a more stylish athleisure get-up as compared to hoodies.

Jogger Pants

Those baggy denims with extremely low waists have never been and ever will be comfortable, what with the fear of them coming down altogether! And so, jogger pants are here for your rescue. They’re made from a thin material, they’re neither too loose or too tight and look extremely stylish whether you choose to run or walk a ramp in them.

Running Sneakers

Finish it off with a pair of trendy and comfy sneakers. There are more than enough designs for you to choose from. So whether you’re planning to go trekking, running, or just take a walk around the boulevard, you know your feet are going to look fabulous.

So give this amazing trend a shot, it’ll surely be worth your while. But while you do that, make sure that you’re pairing your fantastic athleisure apparels right. Just trust your instincts and have fun mixing and matching!