So we’re going to be very honest with you. Dressing well is not going to get you the job of your dreams. You have got to be good at what you do. But, there’s no denying the fact that dressing well boosts your confidence which eventually helps you perform better. It also helps you make a great first impression, not to mention, it shows that you respect the interview enough to take the effort to look presentable.

So if you are talented and you dress well, you will have a better chance at nailing the interview than the guy who is talented and dressed shabbily. Now that that’s established, lets distribute jobs. You take care of your resume and skills and let us use ours to be your personal stylist. Let’s make you look good for that interview!

What Corporate Guys Should Wear

Gent club blog man in dapper suit for interviewIf you’re going for a corporate interview and the position you’re aiming at is somewhere in the senior management, you probably already own a lot of suits. And if you don’t, you’re probably not too serious about dressing up right. Lets fix that first.

Let’s not be too experimental. Stick to the greys and the navy blues if you’re not very confident in the dressing area. Choose a nice tie. Please don’t choose flashy colours, for your own sake (and your interviewers too.) Count on a well-tailored suit to get you halfway through the interview like a boss.

If you’re applying for a comparatively lower position, you could simply choose a slim-fit shirt with a traditional straight point collar, tailored trousers and a nice tie. You should dwell around whites for the first round. If you’re confident that you can carry a different colour without landing in any sort of fashion trouble, go for light pastel shades.

In the footwear area, it’s best to choose slick black leather shoes or brogues.

What Creative Guys Should Wear

We know you revel in your creative liberty a lot, but it’s best not to get too creative in the first round of your interview (we mean in the mens fashion department of course.) As compared to the corporate guys, creative guys have a lot of freedom of choice when it comes to dressing. Even so, it’s good to always be on the safe side and not wear your flip flops for that interview.

Once you’re in and settled you could pull your good old t-shirts and denims for work, but for the interview lets be a little presentable, shall we?

Suits might not be your first priority, but you could always use your creativity and make a few alterations here and there to make it look original. Opt for darker colours, you’d also want to lose the tie. You could look at unique printed shirts instead of the plain ones (which we’re sure you find boring.)

If you’re not a big fan of suits, simply go for unique printed shirts and slim fitting chinos. You can pair the shirt with a smart cardigan.

Lace up boots, sneakers, loafers make for fine footwear.

Now that we’ve bifurcated the two areas, it should be easier for you to nail your style, and also the job. Good luck!