What Is The Athleisure Trend And How To Get It Right

Just a couple of years ago, fashion and comfort were like the opposites of two poles with men tip-toeing on it, desparately trying to maintain balance between both. But after years of unfashionable comfort and fashionable discomfort, the gender was blessed with a trend that is here to stay. Athleisure - the middle ground between fashion and comfort. It’s quite a rage in the fashion world right now, but if you don’t already know about it, here’s a gist.

The term athleisure comes from athletics and leisure. It is basically a trend where clothes designed to be worn at the gym are worn even outside of it. That does not mean you wear your regular sweatpants to work. The comfy sportswear is modified to make it look stylish while it retains the comfort it’s supposed to provide. It also takes a little mix and match to make the look work. The trend has been around for quite some time now but very few have mastered the art of getting it right. So, here are a few basics that you should stock up to make the most of this wonderful boon of a trend.


Now these aren’t the average sweatshirts we’re talking about. The key words to remember while picking one are light-weight, breathable and slim-cut. You’d want to pair it with either a hoodie or a jacket to complete the look, so choose one with a thinner fabric instead of an actual sweatshirt that will literally make you sweat. If you choose not to pair it with a jacket, make sure that the sweatshirt you pick is not too plain.


A hoodie is an absolute necessity for every wardrobe. In the athleisure area of clothing, hoodie options are plenty. There are ones with and without zippers that you can choose to wear according to what you’re planning to pair it with. Hoodies make for a more casual athleisure get-up.

Track Jackets

If you’re over your love for hoodies and wouldn’t mind switching to another option, a track jacket is a very good one. Explore new cuts, colours and styles because there are more than plenty available out there. Track jackets make for a more stylish athleisure get-up as compared to hoodies.

Jogger Pants

Those baggy denims with extremely low waists have never been and ever will be comfortable, what with the fear of them coming down altogether! And so, jogger pants are here for your rescue. They’re made from a thin material, they’re neither too loose or too tight and look extremely stylish whether you choose to run or walk a ramp in them.

Running Sneakers

Finish it off with a pair of trendy and comfy sneakers. There are more than enough designs for you to choose from. So whether you’re planning to go trekking, running, or just take a walk around the boulevard, you know your feet are going to look fabulous.

So give this amazing trend a shot, it’ll surely be worth your while. But while you do that, make sure that you’re pairing your fantastic athleisure apparels right. Just trust your instincts and have fun mixing and matching!

Dress To Impress: How To Nail That Job Interview Look

So we’re going to be very honest with you. Dressing well is not going to get you the job of your dreams. You have got to be good at what you do. But, there’s no denying the fact that dressing well boosts your confidence which eventually helps you perform better. It also helps you make a great first impression, not to mention, it shows that you respect the interview enough to take the effort to look presentable.

So if you are talented and you dress well, you will have a better chance at nailing the interview than the guy who is talented and dressed shabbily. Now that that’s established, lets distribute jobs. You take care of your resume and skills and let us use ours to be your personal stylist. Let’s make you look good for that interview!

What Corporate Guys Should Wear

Gent club blog man in dapper suit for interviewIf you’re going for a corporate interview and the position you’re aiming at is somewhere in the senior management, you probably already own a lot of suits. And if you don’t, you’re probably not too serious about dressing up right. Lets fix that first.

Let’s not be too experimental. Stick to the greys and the navy blues if you’re not very confident in the dressing area. Choose a nice tie. Please don’t choose flashy colours, for your own sake (and your interviewers too.) Count on a well-tailored suit to get you halfway through the interview like a boss.

If you’re applying for a comparatively lower position, you could simply choose a slim-fit shirt with a traditional straight point collar, tailored trousers and a nice tie. You should dwell around whites for the first round. If you’re confident that you can carry a different colour without landing in any sort of fashion trouble, go for light pastel shades.

In the footwear area, it’s best to choose slick black leather shoes or brogues.

What Creative Guys Should Wear

We know you revel in your creative liberty a lot, but it’s best not to get too creative in the first round of your interview (we mean in the mens fashion department of course.) As compared to the corporate guys, creative guys have a lot of freedom of choice when it comes to dressing. Even so, it’s good to always be on the safe side and not wear your flip flops for that interview.

Once you’re in and settled you could pull your good old t-shirts and denims for work, but for the interview lets be a little presentable, shall we?

Suits might not be your first priority, but you could always use your creativity and make a few alterations here and there to make it look original. Opt for darker colours, you’d also want to lose the tie. You could look at unique printed shirts instead of the plain ones (which we’re sure you find boring.)

If you’re not a big fan of suits, simply go for unique printed shirts and slim fitting chinos. You can pair the shirt with a smart cardigan.

Lace up boots, sneakers, loafers make for fine footwear.

Now that we’ve bifurcated the two areas, it should be easier for you to nail your style, and also the job. Good luck!

5 Shoe Trends To Kickstart Your Style Game For 2017

There are two big mistakes men make every day. One, thinking that they can ever win an argument against women, and second, taking footwear fashion for granted. Men are so particular about clothing, styling their hair and choosing the right tie, but when it comes to shoes, some men simply wear whatever seems convenient at the moment. Many don’t realise that people do notice shoes, in fact, sometimes that is the first thing people notice. In that case, it is a grave mistake to not pay heed to footwear, yes, it is as grave a mistake as thinking they’re ever going to win an argument against women.

Now that that’s established, you’re definitely going to need help stocking up your shoe rack with some shiny new shoes. So, lets keep those crocs aside and talk about some serious footwear here, shall we? Here we are, being your personal stylist and bringing you some advice for the latest shoe fashion trends for men.

Trendy Sandals

It’s about time you put those highly old-fashioned crocs aside and embraced something new that’s comfortable and even looks good. Sandals are an amazing option for the hot summers we’re bestowed with.

gent-club-personal-stylist-for-men-india-mensfashion-latest-shoe- trends-for-men6Converse are cool but they’re not very convenient to wear during the summers. Sandals in that case are a great way to flaunt your love for fashion while being comfortable. You’d think, why not flip flops then? Well, nobody really wants to hear your sole slapping on the pavement. Besides sandals look way cooler than flip flops ever will. So well, there you have it.


Classic and stylish, brogues will never really run out of fashion. The best part about them is that they can be worn with casuals, semi-casuals and formals. Count on brogues to add the style quotient to anything you choose to wear.

Shiny blacks, tan leather and smart browns will always be in vogue. What’s great about them is that nowadays there’s also a mix of material for a versatile appearance. With so many options, you will most probably have your rack stocked up with only brogues.

Boat Shoes

We’re all big fans of converse and they look pretty cool too, but by now they’ve become far too mainstream. So lets try something different, shall we? Boat shoes are extremely stylish and comfortable. Especially paired with slick chinos they can make anybody look oh so fabulous! They even look cool on a pair of shorts or denims.

Plus, there’s a lot of variety and colours available for you to experiment and mix and match.


Loafers are another blessing to mankind. These stylish babies come in so much variety that your head will spin trying to choose one. But once you find the right one to match your attire, you know you will be sorted.

There are the penny loafers that work well with almost any get-up. The tassel loafers that fall into the dressy category if you’re looking for something formal. Then there are also horsebit loafers which are equipped with a brass strap in the shape of a horse’s snaffle.

Dress Shoes

Then there are also the simple and stylish Monk shoes available in many colours to choose from.

Dress shoes are always a safe bet to get the look. So be it an interview, a meeting or a black tie party, you can never go wrong with a pair of shiny black dress shoes.

Well, just manage to get these five mens style shoes in your shoe rack and we’re sure you’ll manage to get by any event or situation with smart-looking feet.

3 Hat-Tricks To Look Like A Total Boss

There’s a common myth that handsome men look good in anything, or should we say, good-looking men can carry even the weirdest costumes like they own it. We might’ve even believed this myth if it weren’t for hats shattering it with their sharp brims. Wearing a hat today is no joke (even though most men look like it when they wear one.)

Image source - syndicate.details.com

But jokes apart, an accessory that was a necessity in the past has now become extinct because there’s always the fear of not cutting the bill. It’s a justified fear, but that does not mean we toss them aside without understanding their full potential if worn right.

So let us be your fashion consultant for the day and present 3 of the most popular hats and how to wear them right, shall we?

The Badass Fedora

Since the 20’s, the fedora hat has been associated with gangsters which has made it an accessory that uplifts your badass quotient. In the earlier days it was worn as a formal accessory but now it has been adapted to match our everyday clothing.

Take Johnny Depp for example, you’ll always spot him wearing one. Now one can’t be as cool as Johnny Depp, but one certainly can take inspiration from the guy.

How to wear it?

Men with narrower faces have a better chance to get the look right. Wear it straight, pair it with a suit and it’ll look formal, tilt it just a little to the side, pair it with a funky t-shirt and some denim pants and it will look casual.

The Hip Beanie

What comes to mind after hearing ‘beanie’ is a woolen pull-over that makes you look rugged and trendy.

It’s a type that every face shape can embrace (not as good as David Beckham’s though.)

What actually becomes a challenge is wearing it right. We humans are bound to get confused with so many options available. So lets simplify it.

How to wear it?

Cuff the beanie only once and let it rest half way down your ears and you’ll be sorted for a casual Friday in office. Then there’s the fisherman style where you cuff the beanie twice and rest it on top of your head and let your hair show. That look will work for a casual and not-so-casual look alike. Then there’s also the David Beckham look for which you wear the beanie as far back as possible and let the extra slouch.

The Sporty Baseball Cap

You don’t necessarily need to be a baseball fan to wear a baseball cap, you do need to be careful with what you pair it though. It mostly is for casual use so lets not go too overboard.

We don’t know about anything else, but we can be sure that Justin Bieber never messes up his baseball cap game. So take him as inspiration (at least in this case.)

How to wear it?

If you’re not too confident, go with a plain cap and pair it with a tshirt, jeans and sneakers. Once you’re a little confident you can also opt for prints. It’s a risk to wear a baseball cap with a shirt and tie but it’s worth it for sure. Try it one Friday at work and see for yourself if the look works out for you, we know it’s worked out for many others.

Doesn’t sound all that difficult now, does it? Lets bring the hats back in the men’s style game and make optimum use of these extremely sexy accessories now, shall we?