There are two big mistakes men make every day. One, thinking that they can ever win an argument against women, and second, taking footwear fashion for granted. Men are so particular about clothing, styling their hair and choosing the right tie, but when it comes to shoes, some men simply wear whatever seems convenient at the moment. Many don’t realise that people do notice shoes, in fact, sometimes that is the first thing people notice. In that case, it is a grave mistake to not pay heed to footwear, yes, it is as grave a mistake as thinking they’re ever going to win an argument against women.

Now that that’s established, you’re definitely going to need help stocking up your shoe rack with some shiny new shoes. So, lets keep those crocs aside and talk about some serious footwear here, shall we? Here we are, being your personal stylist and bringing you some advice for the latest shoe fashion trends for men.

Trendy Sandals

It’s about time you put those highly old-fashioned crocs aside and embraced something new that’s comfortable and even looks good. Sandals are an amazing option for the hot summers we’re bestowed with.

gent-club-personal-stylist-for-men-india-mensfashion-latest-shoe- trends-for-men6Converse are cool but they’re not very convenient to wear during the summers. Sandals in that case are a great way to flaunt your love for fashion while being comfortable. You’d think, why not flip flops then? Well, nobody really wants to hear your sole slapping on the pavement. Besides sandals look way cooler than flip flops ever will. So well, there you have it.


Classic and stylish, brogues will never really run out of fashion. The best part about them is that they can be worn with casuals, semi-casuals and formals. Count on brogues to add the style quotient to anything you choose to wear.

Shiny blacks, tan leather and smart browns will always be in vogue. What’s great about them is that nowadays there’s also a mix of material for a versatile appearance. With so many options, you will most probably have your rack stocked up with only brogues.

Boat Shoes

We’re all big fans of converse and they look pretty cool too, but by now they’ve become far too mainstream. So lets try something different, shall we? Boat shoes are extremely stylish and comfortable. Especially paired with slick chinos they can make anybody look oh so fabulous! They even look cool on a pair of shorts or denims.

Plus, there’s a lot of variety and colours available for you to experiment and mix and match.


Loafers are another blessing to mankind. These stylish babies come in so much variety that your head will spin trying to choose one. But once you find the right one to match your attire, you know you will be sorted.

There are the penny loafers that work well with almost any get-up. The tassel loafers that fall into the dressy category if you’re looking for something formal. Then there are also horsebit loafers which are equipped with a brass strap in the shape of a horse’s snaffle.

Dress Shoes

Then there are also the simple and stylish Monk shoes available in many colours to choose from.

Dress shoes are always a safe bet to get the look. So be it an interview, a meeting or a black tie party, you can never go wrong with a pair of shiny black dress shoes.

Well, just manage to get these five mens style shoes in your shoe rack and we’re sure you’ll manage to get by any event or situation with smart-looking feet.